About The Author

Tae Kwon Do.



Agnosticism. Stoicism/Buddhism/Atheism/Mindfulness.

Married. Single/Divorced/Partnered/Re-married


Actor. Manager/EMT/Waiter/Teacher/Choreographer/Floor Waxer/Carpenter.

Skydiving. Kayaks/motorcycles/acting/rock climbing/diving/biking/dancing/music/chemicals/partners.

I have pursued many activities, occupations, and diversions over the last 40 something years. Sometimes I believed I was following a calling. Other times it was simply what I needed at that time, or inevitable, or a genetic impulse. The common thread has always been stimulation. The stronger the better. Why walk when you can run? Why jump from the railing when you can jump from the roof? Why have one when two will feel even more intense?

I try not to flatter myself that this behavior is unique or makes me special or more daring. Some of it has most certainly caused suffering over the years, for myself and for those closest to me. It would be unfair, however, to say that some of the richest moments in my life weren’t also a result of the constant craving for stimulation. And I have always believed that a certain amount of child-like enthusiasm for life keeps one’s perspective in just about the right place.

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