Fighting the good fight

So, I came close to making things in life a bit more difficult for myself.


See, in my constant quest to balance my dopamine levels (something my doctor has said is a bit tougher for me than for others) I frequently band wagon onto whatever sounds good in the moment. Bored? Try archery! Buy the stuff! Or play the drum! But you need sticks and a practice pad, so pick those up! Or my wife’s favorite, try that new workout system! But first buy the subscription. And more stuff! Don’t even get me started on my plans to ride in the STP and everything that involves… and costs.

So, 75 Hard caught my attention. First off, it is free. See that Honey? It doesn’t cost a lot. Although I could buy the book, which if we are honest with each other might be seriously helpful.

Anyways, it is not simply a new workout routine. It is a “A TRANSFORMATIVE MENTAL TOUGHNESS PROGRAM.” And who doesn’t want some of that in this day and age. The rules are as follows…

  1. Follow a diet.  This can be the diet of your choice, but it must be a structured plan designed with a physical improvement in mind.
  2. You must complete two 45-minute workouts. One of those workouts MUST be outdoors.
  3. Absolutely NO alcohol or cheat meals.
  4. Take a progress picture every day.
  5. Drink 1 gallon of water.
  6. Read 10 pages of a book.  **Audiobooks DO NOT COUNT.

You do this every day. For 75 days. Holy crap! What’s not to like!

Now, I stopped just short of committing. Not because I don’t want to do it, even if it would be one hell of a challenge. It actually sounds like it would be fun… right up to the moment where it wasn’t any more. I was one step away from texting my crew and telling them they had to do it with me. Then I realized that I have already talked them into doing the Murph workout with me in a couple months. Something about doing it to get stronger, but let’s put some money into this to keep motivated, and do we really have to do the run before and after the workout? Considering we are all starting from the couch that might be a big enough bite to chew for a little while. Maybe one ridiculous physical project at a time there pal.

I happen to think these transitory obsessions are part of what make me interesting to talk to and to live with. My friends and family might disagree. But I think it is important to push against something significant and difficult from time to time to keep the synapses firing and the juices flowing. So go for it- try that new hobby, even if it only lasts a month. Start a new workout routine, even if you discover after the first week that your knees can’t take it and you switch to something else… again. It will at least give you something new to talk about in the midst of all the sameness of life in a pandemic!

Leave a comment. All asshattery summarily deleted. Thanks!

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