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Owning My Shit

Obviously I am interested in ways to become a better, more fulfilled, sexier and smarter human being. And this time of year caters to that impulse in a beautiful, shiny way! December and January always bring out the fitness apps and online programs, the moleskin journals for gaining efficiency and insight, and the life centering … Continue reading

Aside / Kickboxing

A short note, relating thoughts about facing an opponent who is stronger than you. Or simply bigger of frame. Or smaller, but faster.

I had another good session of kickboxing, drills followed by some sparring. Afterwards I was struck by how much I learn each time I spar. My own weaknesses (confidence in my punching, fear of taking blows to the head, feeling old…) and strengths (flexibility, heavy hands and legs, a certain delight in collecting scars and … Continue reading


A false equivilancy

Here you go: soaking in cold water is just like jiu jitsu! Well, that’s not precisely what the term false equivalency indicates, but it has been tossed around in the media and Fbook so much recently I thought I would give one a try. My experiences with these two forms of training do, however, hold similarities. Many of … Continue reading